Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Greetings and Salutations

As a Christian and a voracious reader, I've often wished there were more places to find out what I really want to know about a book.
Is it exciting? Is it decent? Does it end on a cliffhanger {all right, that may not be very important, but it's still useful to know}? Can I lend it to a twelve-year-old? Should I buy it or borrow it? Does the author know how to conjugate a verb and use a comma {not as common as one might think}? Will it give me food for thought, or is it light tinder for the mind?
Should I expect to end up eating tomato soup with my left hand so that I can read on through lunchtime? {This has happened.}

Will it honor my values or disagree with them?
Will it make me laugh? Will it make me cry?
Will I be happy that I read it?

I hope that this blog will answer these questions for some readers out there.

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