Sunday, October 2, 2011


Dancing around an Upcoming Books post on Charlotte's Library, I discovered a few that I'm interested in.

I really haven't got a great fancy for Reeve novels, but I may end up reading this one, if it receives good reviews. Fever is my favorite of his characters. I wonder if Kit's children are in this book too?

Frankly, anything about poor Kit Solent is a very poignant pleasure - you see, I have read the Mortal Engines series since Fever Crumb, and.... anyone who has read those knows what I mean. (Insert mournful noise here).

This one deserves its biggest picture.

I'm not much of a Rick Riordan fan. I read Percy Jackson books 1 - and 5. Nothing inbetween, except for a chapter or so at the beginning of book 2. Book 1 did not interest me. But then, probably I'm not expected to appreciate a tale issued for middle school boys.
Book 5 (The Last Olympian) impressed me a good deal. "The years," I said, "have added age and perhaps even wisdom to these characters!" Yes, but the years had also added power and depth to Rick Riordan's writing. Not so much that I will play catch-up with the other books in the series, but enough that I had a very good time reading The Last Olympian.

A younger friend of mine - the same one who lent me the first and fifth Percy Jackson books - proceeds to incite me to read the new serieses. I've been dubious.

However, this cover deserves to be printed and framed.

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